Indulge in Contemporary
Works of Kaleidoscopic Intrigue.

What would compel a person to spend endless hours tackling a 4′ x 6′ canvas with a fine tip brush and a small tube of Ultramarine paint?

Passion. Pure and simple.

Josh Harrier lives for art – art that calls from within, to a man with perseverance and an unwavering desire to create.

Hand Painting Eyes
The work was incredibly engaging. The longer I studied it, the more it seemed to move and vibrate with energy. The attention to detail was remarkable, especially given the scale of the pieces in the collection.
Rhonda, Art Consultant
I was very impressed with Josh’s work from the first time I encountered it in Denver. As a fellow artist, I have a deep respect for the considerable time and dedication he invests into each piece. His painting process is fascinating and meticulous, and the resulting works clearly represent a labor of love.
Ippy, Multi-Media Artist
It was the mathematical element in Josh’s paintings that really resonated with me. The repeating colors and patterns gave a real sense of symmetry and balance…even among the “chaos”. Loved it!
David, Builder & Sculptor